The Michael C. Rothberg

September 11th Memorial Scholarship

to be awarded May 2018


The Michael C. Rothberg September 11th Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Michael Rothberg, Sharon High School Class of 1980, whose extraordinary life was cut short on September 11, 2001, by the World Trade Center tragedy. This award, conceived and organized by Michael’s high school classmates, family and friends, is dedicated to preserving and celebrating his heroic legacy, ethical commitment and service to community. In May 2018, the scholarship committee will award a $5,000 merit-based scholarship to a member of Sharon High School’s graduating class who exemplifies in his or her own way Michael’s academic promise, integrity, and service to community.

Michael was born and raised in Sharon, where he attended East Elementary, Sharon Junior High and Sharon High School. He spent his college years at McGill University in Montreal, earning both undergraduate and master’s degrees in math and computer science. His charismatic personality and innovative technical solutions to complex financial transactions won great respect on Wall Street. But Michael created much more than a successful professional life. He excelled in every way. Michael was a loving son, brother, grandson, cousin and nephew. He was a devoted friend, a skilled athlete and a dedicated philanthropist. He used his resources generously, contributing not only financial support but also giving his time and energy to causes in which he believed deeply, including the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Jimmy Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, and Mutual Funds against Cancer.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Michael Rothberg was in his office on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center, where he worked for Cantor Fitzgerald as managing director of program trading. During his lifetime, Michael’s kindness and gentle spirit touched so many lives, enriching all who knew him with his intelligence, humor, generosity and compassion. We are deeply grateful for donations offered in his memory and for the opportunity to inspire graduating members of Sharon High School to sustain Michael’s spirit through their own aspirations and endeavors. 

To be considered for this scholarship, please submit the required materials listed below to no later than April 23, 2018. Signed materials can be scanned and attached to your email. If any portion of your submission must be sent in hard copy, please mail them prior to the April 23rd deadline to the Scholarship Committee Post Office Box in Sharon [full address below].

The Michael C. Rothberg September 11th Memorial Scholarship Committee
Post Office Box 116
Sharon, MA 02067

      Materials to Submit by April 23, 2018 to

The completed scholarship application form
An essay addressing the topic described under “Required Essay” on this form
Two signed letters of recommendation from non-family members
Your complete Sharon High School transcript, GPA and SAT [or equivalent] scores

Forms are available online at and through the Sharon High School Guidance Department. The 2018 award winner will be notified by phone following the scholarship committee’s decision.

Forms are available online (click below) and through the Sharon High School Guidance Department.

The 2018 award winner will be notified by phone following the scholarship committee’s decision.

Scholarship Application:

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To send us an E-Mail for more information about the Michael C. Rothberg Scholarship fund, CLICK HERE or send an e-mail to

Photos of past years’ scholarship award recipients and winning essays are posted below. The scholarship committee reserves the right to publish winning essays on web site unless expressly requested not to do so by individual winners or their parents.

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